Who We Are

Fashioning Space is a brand name that belongs to Fashioning Diffusion LLC, a New York City based corporation. Fashioning Space is an honest retail organization that wants to provide unique fashion and lifestyle products to the customers all across the United States. When we say an honest, we want to give our passion and professionalism to our valuable customers and meet their expectations in the best possible manner. If we are not able to meet their expectations, we will be honest and admit about our capabilities.

Fashioning Space is not only an e-commerce retailer, but also a local community brick and mortar retailer. We thrive to serve to local communities where we have a business. We want to support local needs and initiatives, but also we want to lead initiatives that will be support local youth in their career challenges. 

Fashioning Space work with the best and highly selective suppliers that respect all values for which we stand for. We are not only looking to promote highly fashionable and trendy brands, but also brands and their companies that care about environmental sustainability and social justice. 

Our leadership is fully committed to build and operate retail business at the highest ethical values and to serve all customers in the best and equal manner. We are here for you and you can always reach our leadership if you have any concerns and you can write to our Chairman & CEO, Ivan Herjavec. ih@fashioning-group.com. 

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