Customer can select one of proposed shipping options. The shipments are managed by UPS. Customer will pay a shipping fee according to selected option. UPS is fully responsible for the shipping service. Customer has access to the tracking system and can allocate the status of the shipment. 


Fashioning Space collaborate with Stripe’s payment solution. Customer can pay with all major credit cards.


Customer has a return right for 30 days from the date of the order. If Customer decides to return the product, he/she has to inform Fashioning Space on and specify the order number or receipt number, write UPC number of the product he/she wishes to return and in same email needs to request a return notification. Once return notification is provided, Customer can make a return to the location which will be specified in return notification. Once the product is returned and inspection of the product is completed, Customer will receive a full refund of the value of returned product (there is no refund for the shipping cost).


Fashioning Space will never disclose any information about customer’s data or any other information which is related to the privacy of any individual. If Fashioning Space will have an interest for customer’s information which could be used for any promotion, Fashioning Space will ask for customer’s consent.


Privacy Preference Center